Is not a ticket to get you into heaven when you die.


Is new life, starting now.

It begins when you step through the door into God’s world.

“The time is fulfilled.  The Kingdom of God is here.  Turn around and believe the good news!”

Mark 1

It’s closer to you than your breath.

It’s more real than your own flesh.

All you need is eyes to see and ears to hear.

And a heart that is thirsty for the Life you lack.

The door to God’s World is open before you as you read these words.  

Inside that door stands the One who is not only King of the Universe, but your personal Friend.

He knows you and everything about you.

He has already claimed you for New Life.

He says,

“Come to me, and I will give you the Shalom Rest you long for.

I will lead you now, in this life, to springs of Living Water. 

Walk with me, and I will teach you

how to live by faith,

how to spend your days in hope,

how to love your neighbor as yourself.”

He waits for you to answer:  “Here I am, Lord.  Lead on.  I will follow!

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